Festival des conscrits

An unmissable moment of the town life, the “festival des conscrits” of Belleville is the fruit of a long tradition, typical for Beaujolais region.

It has its roots in military conscription. The last weekend before the draft, 20 years old boys celebrated their last moment of freedom. One out of ten would be called right after it to serve in the army.

Today, everyone is welcomed from 10 to 90 year old, woman included.

Every year, the last weekend of February, the town organize a big celebration. People whose year of birth ends with the same digit than the current year parade in the streets, sorted by their age.

The celebration is spread over two days. The evening parade in costumes with music and lots of alcohol. At least for those who are allowed to drink. And the morning parade in traditional black costumes and the “Gibus” hat decorated with ribbons of different colors.