“Be yourself. I much prefer seeing something, even it is clumsy, that doesn’t look like somebody else’s work.”

William Klein
Black and white photo. Fields in Serbia. A grandfather pushes his grandson in a hand-made metal cart on two wheels. The boy is shining with happiness
La vie est belle, Serbia
Black and white photo. Two horses and a girl in a white romantic dress. One horse is grazing the grass. Another horse eats a handful of grass from the girl's hand.
Innocence, Roche de Solutré
Black and white photo. A woman with a wrinkled face in her later years, modestly dressed. Her appearance leads us to believe that she may be living on the street. In the background we see a shop window with skinny models and a hashtag saying I am prefect
I am perfect, Lyon
Black and white photo. Silhouettes of a boy and a girl standing on a hill. They are several meters away from each other. Heavy dark clouds descend above their heads. The boy is spreading his arms towards the sky, while the girl is standing facing the boy in a frozen pose.
Brother and sister, Beaujolais
“The Lumière brothers” award